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Special Event

IFEMUN features a series of special events that will enrich delegate experience, offer delegates the opportunities for networking, engaging with subject matter experts, developing soft skills, get exclusive information on partners programme, discounts and meeting other youths from around the world!

Visits Programme

Ile Ife the growing hub of tourism offering its rich culture and natural heritage. There are too many mysteries in Ife land to be marvelled. In Ile- Ife alone, the assets are many and multifarious. Ile- Ife is the cradle of mankind and is the source.

It is not only historical, it is also ancient. That alone is immeasurable and incomparable asset. The potential for Ile- Ife as a tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors is immense.

Ife has the Tower of Babel, harbours the Noah’s Ark, the artefacts, historical and spiritual centres, the Ifa Temple, the first stone cobbled road, the Opa Oranmiyan and all the ancients groves of creation and the House of all the crowns of all Yoruba Obas.

It is a territory that is occupied by the scion of Oduduwa. Ile – Ife wants to share its pride, history, and cultural heritage with everybody. As we maintain our traditions and culture, we will showcase it for all the visitors. Giving all a wonderful insight into the local ways of life.

Diplomatic Briefing Panel: Careers in International Affairs

Recognizing the key role of youths in diplomacy, the briefing presents a strategic opportunity for interaction and development of skills for future senior diplomats and leaders from across the globe.

It aims to build a generation that is confident in voicing their contribution on development matters and to broaden their connection to influential stakeholders

IFEMUN will convene high-level diplomats to share what it takes to have a career in international affairs and the path they followed


Chairman: To be disclosed


To be disclosed soon...

Diplomatic Reception:

Before the panel, we will be hosting a networking reception with the speakers along with some other special guests for some discussion, coffee, and treats.

Policy Workshops

To hold right after lunch on Thursday, delegates will return to their committee rooms to spend an hour with a subject matter expert in the topic of discussion. The expert could be a professor or a professional, and will provide delegates with additional context on their committee topics and provide guidance and feedback on resolutions.

Policy Experts Committee
Adeomi Abayomi Disarmament and International Security Committee
TBD World Health Organisation
TBD United Nations Security Council
TBD United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
TBD United Nations Commission for Human Rights

Diplomatic Dinner

Saturday, June 24, 2018

Location: To be disclosed

Informal Social: Stage Play

Thursday, June 22, 2018

Location: To be disclosed