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Let's teach with no chalks by Olaniyi Oladele

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Autism is a matter that has been the subject of numerous discussion from action groups, a subject that cuts across education, health care and social inclusion, are core focuses of the UN.

A student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Olaniyi Oladele shares a remarkable story in commemoration of The Annual International Awareness Day to support people with Autism..

This year’s theme tagged, “empowering women and girls with Autism” has attracted global debates on the continuous call to address the stigma faced by people suffering the disorder.

According to an epidemiological study in the US, autism is third most common childhood disorder and fastest growing developmental disorder and most notably without a known cure yet.

Thus, the social exclusion faced by this special groups especially girl child at schools, social gatherings and within families have been fueled by many wrong societal beliefs in part of Nigeria designating autistic kids as one with ‘ise aye’ or those possessed with evil spirit.

Olaniyi attempts to explain the problem through a classroom scenario, describing the discrimination and discouragement family and victims of autism encounter in the society.

He captured,

The woman entered the school and told the teacher, ‘ don’t let my daughter sit with that child again, don’t let get her infected’.

And another teacher gave the same child a sharp knock on the head, spitting furiously: ‘eternal dullard’ .

The teacher sat them and told them, ‘ that child is not a menace, she commits no crime, transmits no diseases. Why alienate her? Why exclude her? Why discriminate? .

He commented further that Autism awareness isn’t restricted to today. “We may not be in the classroom, but from this evening, we can start teaching that autism is not ‘ise-aye’-a plague from the gods, it just affects a set of amazing people who are simply unique, different and special”, he said.

He concluded that, autistic children need understanding and tolerance from people around them.


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